Monday, October 26, 2015

Dr. Curious- Mystery Animal Project

The Pine Glen kindergarten  has partnered up with the Burlington Science Center and Dr. Curious aka Sean Musselman has created a video asking for the kindergartners to use their science expertise to help him figure out what animal family the mysterious animal is in. On Thursday afternoon we used our offices again and we looked at Dr. Curious' Science Journal. We took our own notes to try to figure out what this animal could be!

We were very proud of all the students. They worked very hard at taking notes and discussing their reasoning!

On Friday morning the students used their science notes to draw a picture of what they thought the mysterious creature looked like.

Then, this morning the students wrote a persuasive piece of writing to defend their thinking!  We hope to have Mrs. A. help video the students presenting this writing and their illustration of the mysterious creature. And as a final culmination of our animal unit we hope to have Dr. Curious stop by with the mysterious creature. Hopefully before Halloween!

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