Monday, October 12, 2015

We Finished Sorting the Beanie Babies!

Last week we completed the Beanie Baby sort.  The students were excited to sort and count the animals but they are really looking forward to drawing, writing and building houses for the animals in the next few weeks.  We also just completed a book about animals- I can Roar Like a Lion.  This book was illustrated by the students and they were all very happy to see the finished book and read and highlight the book in our reading group.  The students discovered that most of the animals in the book were mammals- the lion, dog and pig.  There were two birds- the duck and the owl.  The last page was tricky.  It was a flower, not an animal.  Please have your child read this book to you!
We started the lesson by counting the animals in the bird family.
Here are the 5 other animal families.  The students were surprised how many more mammals there were in the bucket!

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