Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

We have been learning about what it was like being a child in the Victorian Era. We read the book Meet Samantha and we learned that it was much different being a child back in the 1900's. We learned about President Theodore Roosevelt and that the teddy bear stuffed animal was named after him. The students were surprised that children could not talk unless an adult spoke to them first. Students also learned that some children worked in factories instead of going to school and that girls always had to wear dresses with stockings and they were suppose to be proper young ladies. This meant they couldn't play rough or climb trees! In honor of completing our mini-unit on the Victorian Times we dressed up fancy and had a special Victorian Luncheon. Our luncheon was prepared by the Pine Glen Kitchen Staff. It was delicious and very elegant! Thank you to all the parents who contributed supplies for this special day!  We also celebrated by exchanging Special Valentine's and class valentines.

We took a short break so our lunch could be set up. We went to the computer lab and did a couple Valentine activities and worked on Raz-kids. We posed for a class picture in the lab. Don't we all look GREAT! We got many compliments from Pine Glen Staff about how nice we all looked.

We liked our special lunch, but we LOVED the dessert!

After lunch we took a break and went to the gym to burn off some of the sugar we ate.  When we returned to the classroom we wrote a journal page about our special day and the we opened our class Valentines.

We finished our day with a visit to the library to be sure we had a book to read over vacation. We hope you all have a great week! Be sure to work on your 100 day collections. Try to spend some time reading, writing in your journal, practicing word and math flash cards. Remember you can always log on the Raz-kids and Symphony math! Thank you for your continued support of our classroom!

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