Friday, February 5, 2016

We Went to Art Class!

Miss Fallon, Pine Glen's superb art teacher heard that we were doing such a great job in kindergarten and she invited us to participate in a special art lesson in her Art Room! The Pine Glen PTO does an annual fundraiser called Square One Art. The PTO hoped that all students would draw owls because Pine Glen recently adopted a new mascot and school emblem that was created by a Burlington High School student. Mrs. Parnell and Mrs. Gordon are not expert artists so we were so happy Miss Fallon invited us to have an art class with her. This was a very enjoyable experience for all.  We all appreciated Miss Fallon's enthusiasm and great sound effects while she demonstrated.  We all echoed her effects and were proud of our final products.  Parents will be receiving information about the Square One fundraiser some time after February vacation.  When these materials come home be sure to check out what a wonderful artist your child is!

The kindergartners were sad when our art class was over.  They are hoping to go back to see Miss Fallon again before becoming 1st graders!


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