Saturday, May 20, 2017

Franklin Park Zoo

This past week revisited our study of animals and all things living and non-living.  Friday we had the opportunity to take a trip to the Frankiln Park Zoo, a trip that was previously planned and rained out in October.

Our day at the zoo was a very HOT one! We were able to see many active animals. The heat did not appear to bother them much. The students were able to identify animals from the mammal, fish, reptile, bird and insect families. They were also able to give characteristics of these animal families and also found many non-living things at the zoo. A lot of the enrichment items the zoo uses to help challenge the animals the students knew were not living. Examples of enrichment for the animals and non-living items were balls, blankets, toys, baskets and hammocks. We had a difficult time locating the amphibians today. Due to the hot and crowded conditions at the zoo we did not see as many animals as we have in past visits. But, we all enjoyed our time at the zoo.

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