Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Popcorn Jar Reward Day- Science Experiments!

We started our day on Tuesday by visiting the Scholastic Book Fair at Pine Glen.  This book fair raises funds to purchase the Let's Find Out Kindergarten Scholastic Magazines that we use in our classroom even month. Thank you to all the families who purchased books! We had an amazing showing of support!

After we finished up at the book fair Mr. Musselman joined us in our classroom and started our science experiments of by starting a discussion about what can be felt but not seen. The students turned and talked about different ideas. The students thought of some great ideas to answer Mr. Musselman's question. The students came up with the wind and air. Mr. Musselman was looking for the word heat. He then showed us his thermal camera and we were able to see the warm and cool spots on our bodies. The students could pick out the hot and cool colors on the pictures that were projected on the board. This was a very cool experiment. 

The next experiment had to do with ice and what effects the sun and shade have on the ice. The students made predictions and recorded their thinking. The students came up with four different places to test out their hypothesis.  The students put a ziplock bag with a blue ice cube in a sunny spot and a shady spot in each test area (the hot top, grass, the playground wood chips and the slide). The students placed a thermometer next to each bag that was placed. After all the experiment bags were placed in the areas, Mr. Musselman said that we had done a great job being scientists and that the students could play on the playground for ten minutes to give our experiment time to work. When the ten minutes were up we went to collect our data. We visited each bag and noted the temperature and how much the ice cub melted. At each test spot the students noticed that the temperature was higher in the sunny spot and the ice cube melted more in the sun. The students then went back into the classroom and analyzed the data. Their hypothesis was proven and the students scientifically proved that the sun does effect the ice cube more than the ice in the shade. Great work kindergartners!

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