Monday, May 1, 2017

Happy JiJi Day!

On Friday, April 28th we celebrated JiJi day. ST Math had a day to celebrate JiJi and The students in Room 101 LOVE JiJi so we wrote about how JiJi helps us. Some students wrote the JiJi helps them never give up, keep trying and JiJi helps them learn math better by letting them practice in a fun way. 

Room 101 students worked with Ms. DiMarzo on Sudoko puzzles with different colored JiJi penguins. This was a difficult job for us, but in true JiJi style the students kept trying until their puzzle was complete!

Then we had a more relaxed ST Math time. The students were able to choose the spot in the classroom that they wanted to work on ST Math. As long as the students were focuses and attending to JiJi they are allowed to stay in the spot of their choosing. All students did a great job choosing where to sit and focusing on the math.

We are proud to announce that the students in Room 101 are 80% through the St Math program.  They were very excited to get their next postcard! We have all our postcards displayed in our classroom! Way to go Room 101!

We put some photos up on Twitter so JiJi could see all the things we did to celebrate on Friday. The students proudly displayed their JiJi Sudoko puzzles.

We all shared how JiJi helps us in the author chair. 

Congratulations to Will. He is the newest member of the 100% club in ST Math. Great Job Will!

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