Sunday, October 23, 2016

Highlighting the News and Choices

Mrs. Kearney worked with the students being word detectives. We highlight the news and find high frequency words in our weekly Kindergarten News. The students are finding the words much more easily. They are tracking right to left. We have been impressed with their progress. A lot of students are finishing the news for homework and this practice is making a BIG difference! Thanks for your support at home!

Thank you parents for volunteering your time and helping us in the classroom! Thanks to Ms. Powers, Mrs. Baker, Ms. Antenucci and Mrs. Brady who came in to help us this week.

The block area and sand box continue to be popular choices. We have been pleased with how well the students have been playing together! This unstructured time has been beneficial to helping us build a empathetic classroom environment. The students have been working together and fostering deeper interpersonal skills.

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