Wednesday, October 12, 2016

We Learned about a New Math Program - ST Math

Burlington Public Schools Math Coach, Mrs. Carrie Fortunato came to Room 101 today. She introduced us to a new math program called ST Math. We will be using this program as a center in our classroom. In the future information will be sent home for you to help your child access ST Math at home. 

Mrs. Fortunato introduced us to Jiji the penguin and character in the program. She had a small stuffed animal Jiji that she shared. She also had us watch a short video about how students help Jiji get past obstacles in the way. The student use mathematical problem solving to help Jiji. Today Mrs. Fortunato helped us log into ST Math for the first time. Each student is assigned an eight character password! To assist the students in remembering their password the program has them solve lots of different puzzles to help them remember these individualized picture icon passwords. It was really interesting to watch the students go through initializing their passwords. The students were wonderful listeners and the appeared to enjoy learning about the program. 

Mrs. Fortunato rewarded us with four scoops of popcorn and a Hoot card since the students did such a wonderful job!  Tomorrow morning after our Morning Meeting we will attempt to log back into ST Math on our own. We are crossing our fingers that all the students remember these individualized passwords. (Our fingers are crossed!)

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Mrs. Parnell.

    Welcome to ST Math! JiJi can't wait to hear how the second day went as well!