Saturday, October 8, 2016

It was Another BUSY Week!

Room 101 Students had another busy week! This week we learned more about number sense in math. We also had our first math test for Topic 1. We finished our counting books and our version of Roar Like a Lion by Frank Asch. Both of these books will go home next week. We also continued working on rhyming, and letters and sounds for t, b , f, n and m. We created a class book on what animal we would be and why. We practiced our flashcard words, by rolling dice and recording the word, using magnetic letters to create the words and then practice writing the word, and we searched for the words in our Kindergarten News on Friday. We also labeled important things in our classroom and we started singing some Halloween songs. Mr. Musselman came in for our Weather Wednesday this week. Please see separate post about Weather Wednesday!  

This week we started having parent volunteers in our classroom. Thank you Mrs. MacKinnon, Mrs. McNamee, Mrs. Baker, Ms. Powers and Mrs Brady for spending time helping us this week. We appreciate your support!

Blocks continue to be a popular choice.

We are learning more about the seasons and playing a sorting game.

Ms. Powers helping us with our counting book.

Mrs. Kearney helping us with spelling our flashcard words.

Mrs. Murphy playing a rhyming game with us.

Miss Manna assisting us with the iPads.

More blocks

The students also like the sandbox.

Reading in the book nook has also been popular.

Working on a math lesson on the rug.

Mrs. Baker working with us on our counting books.

More rhyming with Nrs. Murphy.

Journal writing with Mrs. Kearney.

Brain break on GoNoodle. We love this website. We were dancing to Zap It.

Practicing our flashcard words.

More math on the rug.

Mrs. Brady helping us with our Chistopher Columbus page.

Highlighting and being word detectives with our Kindergarten News.

Celebrating Emma's birthday!

Going to the library. Listening to Ms. Small read us a book.

Reading the books we chose to borrow from the library.

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