Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday Happenings!

There was a lot going on today.  We had our first flashcard quiz. We were impressed with our students. Most students were able to read the flash cards orally. The written assessment was much more difficult. Please remember that the students are responsible for being able to read the flashcards not write them. We have found if the students practice writing the words there is more transference. The students not only recognize the words but they are able to find the words in text and reproduce the word in their journal writing.  Please continue to work on these words with your child. There is a flashcard tab on the blog for a resource for you.  Set two of the flashcards will be coming home soon.

The students have been logging in successfully to ST Math. They have been enjoying JiJi!

Safety Officer Schipelliti was at Pine Glen today reviewing bus safety with the students.

The students listened attentively to Officer Schipelliti.

The bus driver talked to us about how to handle an emergency when we are on the bus.

The students hopped off the back of the bus today.

We had some time at our choices today.

We also had a fire drill today! The students did a great job exiting the building quickly and quietly.

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