Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Popcorn Jar Reward Day!

    On Tuesday we celebrated our first reward day. The students in Room 101 had filled their popcorn jar. The students voted to wear their pajamas to school and bring a stuffed animal friend with them for the day. There was a bit more energy in the room since we were wearing our pajamas and were able to bring a stuffed friend for the day, but we still accomplished a lot and enjoyed some special time too! The students are already thinking about what their next reward will be.

We have already started filling the jar again! We are so proud of all our students efforts!

We shared our stuffed friends at our morning meeting.  We also did letter aerobics with them!

Then we wrote about our stuffed friends in our journals.

We posed with our stuffed friends too.

We met our 4th grade reading partners today. The 4th graders read books to us before we went to lunch. We will be seeing our 4th grade buddies at least once a month. We will be doing lots of things with them throughout the year,

We ended our day with math. We reviewed the vocabulary from Topic 1 and we read the Story Opener for Topic 2.

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