Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Creepy Critters Have Arrived!

Miss P. from the Burlington Science Center visited our classroom today. She joined us for our morning meeting and then she shared the Creepy Critters with us.  She introduced us to the Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches from the insect family, Hairette the tarantula from the arachnid family and Twitch the corn snake from the reptile family. 

We talked about these animals being living things and what they needed to live. Miss P. told us that living things need to be able to move, they need water, food and that all living things have a lifecycle, they are born, grow, reproduce and die. We also talked about some things that are not living, rocks, paper, crayons, etc. Living vs. nonliving is a bit challenging for kindergartners. We will be working on this theme throughout the school year.

We were very excited to see these animals up close.  We pretended to have antenna on our heads to feel the air like the cockroaches do. 

Miss P. Showing us the cockroaches. She even had them hiss for us!

Hairette the tarantula was to fragile for us to touch. Miss P. said that tarantulas build their webs on the ground because if they fall they can die. Miss P. showed us how Hairette uses her spinnerets to make her web.

The last animal Miss P. shared with us was Twitch the corn snake. She said corn snakes live in the corn fields and eat the mice that eat the corn in the field. She said that Twitch was a boy and that he was over 20 years old!

We will be observing these animals to help us prepare for our zoo trip. We just started learning about different animal families and how we know the animals are living.  We also sketched and labeled our new visiting animals. The students enjoyed being close to the animals and noticing all the interesting characteristics of the animals. 

We enjoyed Miss P.'s visit and we are looking forward to our Owl Show on Friday! Stay tuned for pictures from this animal show.

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