Sunday, October 23, 2016

Owl Show

Ms. P. from the Burlington Science Center came to Pine Glen to do an Owl Show for all the kindergartners. Ms. P. shared many interesting facts about owls and we even met Scout an Barred Owl that lives outside the Burlington High School cafeteria in a big cage. You are welcome to go by and see her!

Ms. P shared an owl skull with us and she wanted us to see the shape of the skull and then she had us predict what owls do with their curved beak.

Evan helped Ms. P. demonstrate that owls have the ability to see very well.

She showed the skull up close for us to inspect.

She also shared that owls regurgitate a pellet of their food that the owl could not digest. This concept kind of grossed the kindergartners out.  

Ms. P. showed us how sharp the owls talons are. We got to feel how sharp they were at the end of the show.

Ms. P. brought out Scout at the end of the show. We heard Scout talk to us. That was pretty cool.

Scout got a little nervous and tried to fly, but Ms. P had her tethered to her arm, so Scout could not get away.

We were a pretty good audience and at the end of the show every student got to get their picture taken with Scout! These photos will be in the memory books of important things we did in kindergarten.

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